Glarewheel FAQ Support

Q: GlareWheel UL 

A: UL Listed means that UL has tested represented samples of the product and determined that it meets UL’s Requirement’s These requirements are based primarily on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standard for Safety. References to UL and the UL listing may include the UL Listing Mark.” –Underwriter Laboratories

The GlareWheel Hoverboard will show its UL Certified authenticity by having the holographic sticker on the bottom of the unit.

Q: Customer Service & RMA's

A: GlareWheel customer service is hosted within the United States. Our Team even has a live chat function on our website on the lower right hand corner. Here at GlareWheel, customer service is very important to us, and we are working vigilantly to ensure each customer revises the best quality of care. Due to the extreme amount of cases we currently have, we kindly ask that our customers be patient. We will get to your case as soon as possible, we promise.

Q: My GlareWheel Hoverboard will not turn on after I charged it

A: It is possible to charge the board accidentally while the power button on the side of the board’s power box is in the “ON” position (pressed in). While the blue LED ring-light does shut off when plugged into the charger after a few seconds, the board should NOT be ON while the charger is connected. This seems to cause a failsafe to engage on the battery and charge system rendering the battery without voltage temporarily.

To reset the system, leave the board unplugged in a safe area for 24-48 hours. DO NOT CONNECT it to the charger during this time. Make sure it is OFF (the power button will not be depressed). After a day or two, make sure the power to the unit is still OFF and connect temporarily to the charger. Usually the LED will turn RED for 5-10 minutes, then turn back to GREEN.

Unplug the unit and test the ON switch, it should now be ready to roll.

Q:  My Titanium Dragon Hoverboard will not balance

A: would recommend rest your hoverboard. sometimes hoverboard need resting in order to function properly ( like your phone or computer) please watch this short video that shows how to reset your board