GlareWheel Electric Hover Shoes with LED Lights Newest Self Balancing Scooter

  • $99.00
  • $399.00

  • Equipped with the same technology featured in hoverboards the Hover Shoes let riders move with ease and stability while reaching up to 7 mph and traveling as far as 6 miles on a single charge. Balance and steer by leaning forward or backward. Easily turn by leaning to the side as you ride.

  • 【Unique Design】 Designed into shoes style, it combined with the advantage of skateboard, smart self balancing scooter and roller skating.
  • 【Portable】With a small size, you can take them anywhere and put them into your bag.
  • 【Powerful】With a 250-watt brushless motor,the hovershoes could offer more power.
  • 【Range】You can play them in 3 hours and they a 6 miles
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