GlareWheel Underwater Scooter Dual Propellers with Compatible with GoPro

  • $399.99
  • $699.00

  • Life on Earth began in the ocean. And while we humans grew legs and lost our fishy gills, the ocean calls us to come back and explore. We answered that call with sea scooter, a streamlined underwater scooter that helps everyone feel at home in the briny deep! Follow your deep sea dreams farther than ever before with sea scooter, bringing you high performance at a low cost.

    While the sea scooter is running, its natural positive buoyancy is canceled out by its powerful motor, making it effectively neutral. You’ll never have to worry about losing it in the ocean! But when it runs out of power, you can conveniently let the sea scooter float to the surface to exchange the battery.

    • Discover the playful side of the deep
    • Max speed 4mph
    • Diving up to 164ft see a different world
    • Integrated design makes it convenient to carry anywhere
    • Integrated design, compact body, easy to carry, zero buoyancy make sure sea scooter will not sink to the bottom of the world
    • Whole new different experience
    • Small and beautiful, easy to use, cruise through water even you are not a good swimmer
    • Long battery life


    Whether you are zipping along on the high speed level or leisurely cruising by on the low speed, you can rest assured that the sea scooter’s smart chip is monitoring the battery, to alert you when it’s time to surface for a replacement. 45mins running time, only 3 seconds to replace battery, The sea scooter can satisfy all your demands


    • Multiple protection, nothing to worry


    The sea scooter designed by ergonomics. Protective netting are designed around the propellers, which eliminate all risks of wounding your fingers, and child safety lock keeps children away from dangers


    • Capture epic moment in water
    • Compatible with GoPro, Capture epic moment in water while cruising through water
    • Professional swimming speed experience


    The speed of normal people is 1m/s, the speed level 1 of the sea scooter is 1m/s. World champion Yang Sun used 14mins 31seconds to finish 1500m which is 1.73m/s, the speed level 2 of the sea scooter is 1.8m/s


    • Integrated design, Positive buoyancy
    • Integrated design, compact body, easy to carry, Positive buoyancy make sure the sea scooter will not sink to the bottom of the world