• Automatic Pet Tease Dispenser APP Portion Control Tumbler Doll Design For Cats & Dogs

Automatic Pet Tease Dispenser APP Portion Control Tumbler Doll Design For Cats & Dogs

  • $59.00

    • PETS TOY – worried that your pets is getting bored when you are at work all day? Is your cat lazy and just loves to snooze the day away? Our multifunctional pets toy is ideal for dogs and cats, whether they are hyperactive or lazy, all pets love our tumbler toy
    • APP CONTROL- easy set up on smart phone, change tumbler LED light color per your favorite. 
    • PETS TREAT DISPENSER – to keep pets interested we have also adapted the toy to dispense cat treats. Simply place your pet’s favorite snacks inside the base and they will dispense from strategically placed holes. You can adjust the speed the treats are dispensed easily enough, by setting it on the APP, this reduces or increases the number of dispensing holes. Your pet must push the interactive tumbler toy to release snacks.
    • HIGH QUALITY PET TOY – made from durable ABS plastic, our toy is safe for pets of any age. Suitable for indoor use it is built to last. Easy to assemble, when you receive your new pet toy, simply install the battery and attach the balance rod to the lid of the tumbler and it’s ready to play with.
    • TREAT YOUR PET TO A NEW TOY – our pets toys bring many benefits to a pet's day to day life. By introducing a new toy, you can help to relieve anxiety, pent up aggression and help them to keep healthy and trim. If they are overweight or becoming less active, then it is an ideal time to introduce our cat tumbler toy. It cannot be destroyed by biting or scratching; it really is built to last
    •  ATTRACTION TOY INCLUDED:  sit on a rotating track in the middle of the tumbler toy which perpetually spin to keep the toy constantly moving. This design encourages the cat to interact with the toy for long periods of time